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ACT English and Reading Test Preparation

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About This Course

The ACT English exam asks you to answer five passages with a total of 75 problems in 45 minutes: nine minutes per passage. The content of the English test includes punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. Most students have learned this content, but many have not revisited and reviewed it for many years. LGC ACT English tutor Ammar Khan will refresh these concepts as well as provide helpful hints to save time and dispel confusion. The ACT reading exam asks you to answer four passages with a total of 40 problems in 35 minutes: 8.75 minutes per passage. The content of the reading test includes four passage types: prose fiction/literary narrative, social science, humanities, and natural science. Overall, timing is the number one reason students find the reading section challenging, and they often cannot finish. LGC ACT reading tutor Ammar Khan will walk you through the reading comprehension concepts as well as show you how to apply time-saving strategies.

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