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ACT Test Prep

 ACT Test Prep Course Details 

Premium On-Demand ACT Test Prep Course

Full Course


Our comprehensive recorded course covers every subject section of the ACT: Science, Math, English, and Reading. In addition to detailed content delivery, our experienced tutors discuss the tips and strategies they use to approach the test efficiently. 


Your comprehensive course includes the following instructional materials:

  • 11 instructional Science videos

  • 25 instructional Math videos

  • 9 instructional English videos

  • 5 instructional Reading videos

  • For all subjects: timing hints, strategies, and tips on how to approach each type of problem; Follow Along materials to expand on the information presented; Practice It Yourself problems to practice the strategies presented; Answers for the practice problems

  • Full-length practice ACT with answers

  • Special extras including LGC’s Calculator Tips and Science Prior Knowledge documents

Join LGC tutors Mike Marvel, Jessi Aguilar, and Ammar Khan for LGC’s comprehensive ACT course to cover content and strategies for the Science, Math, English, and Reading sections.

Entire course is only $447!










Science - Instructor Mike Marvel, Ph.D. 

The ACT Science exam asks you to answer 40 problems in 35 minutes: 52.5 seconds per question! Timing is the number one reason students find the Science section challenging and don’t score to their potential. LGC ACT Science tutor Mike Marvel will show you how to apply your intellect to the test more efficiently. Using his tips and strategies, you will have the opportunity to answer every question and maximize your ACT Science section score! Mike has been helping students raise their ACT Science scores since the inception of LGC. His concise and efficient strategies have resulted in typical Science score increases of six points or more for LGC students. Mike’s passion for helping students stems in part from his days as a high school student, which were filled with their fair share of anxiety related to standardized exams and college admissions. Mike earned his Ph.D. in Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry from Northwestern University. He taught college-level General Chemistry and Physics as an assistant professor for three years. Mike currently directs the Chemistry and Physical Sciences Division of the Product Management Department at Flinn Scientific, a publisher of K-12 Science curricula and supplier of laboratory chemicals and equipment. Video 1:  Overview of the timing and components of the ACT Science test. Video 2: Question-First strategy with an example from a retired ACT Science passage. Video 3: Introduction of Research Summary passages and examples from retired ACT Science tests. Video 4: Introduction of Data Representation passages and how to be intentional when reading a graph. Video 5: Solving Data Representation passages and the most common type of question on the ACT Science test. Video 6: Discussion of “prior knowledge” questions and one of the ways the ACT Science section tries to trick you. Video 7: Continuation of strategies for Research Summary passages, the most represented type of passage on the test.  Video 8: Strategies for the process of elimination, common prior knowledge questions, and hints if you have no idea how to answer a question. Video 9: Continuation of strategies for Research Summary passages. Video 10: Introduction of Conflicting Viewpoints passages, typically the most difficult passage for students. Mike dispels the myths and demonstrates how to be successful with this passage. Video 11: Continuation of the types of questions most often associated with the Conflicting Viewpoints passage: multi-viewpoint, single-viewpoint, and the “based on the information given”-type question. Mike introduces the concept of parallelism. Video 12: Continuation of strategies for the Conflicting Viewpoints passage. Video 13: Prior knowledge overview with helpful hints on the most common questions of this type. Video 14: Mike moves through passage I of a retired ACT Science exam to demonstrate how he would work through the problems. Video 15: Mike moves through passage III of a retired ACT Science exam to demonstrate how he would work through the problems. Video 16: Mike moves through passage IV of a retired ACT Science exam to demonstrate how he would work through the problems. Video 17: Mike moves through passage V of a retired ACT Science exam to demonstrate how he would work through the problems. Video 18: Mike moves through passage VI of a retired ACT Science exam to demonstrate how he would work through the problems. Try It Yourself ACT Science Passage II Video 19: Mike concludes the ACT Science test preparation with an overview of the most salient points and suggests ways to maximize time and efficiency when studying for the ACT Science test. Bonus:  ACT Z04 Science ACT Answer Sheet Time for 35 minutes ACT Z04 Science Answers Prior Knowledge Worksheet


Math - Instructor Jessi Aguilar, Ph.D. 

The ACT Math exam asks you to answer 60 problems in 60 minutes: one minute per question! The Math questions become more difficult as the test progresses. It is important to solidify general concepts presented in this course so that you move quickly and efficiently through the first part of the test leaving more time for the more difficult questions at the end. Overall, timing is the number one reason students find the Math section challenging and don’t score to their potential. LGC ACT Math tutor Jessi Aguilar will walk you through the salient content in the Math section as well as show you how to apply time-saving strategies. Video 1: Fractions Video 2: Percent Video 3: Ratios Video 4: Proportions Video 5: Linear Equations and Slope-Intercept Form Video 6: Rate Video 7: Polynomials Video 8: Factoring Video 9: Exponents and Distribution Video 10: Exponents and Distribution continued Video 11: Roots Video 12: Equations Video 13: Imaginary Numbers Video 14: Matrices Video 15: Vectors Video 16: Circles/Conic Equation Video 17: Similar Triangles Video 18: Right Triangles Video 19: Conic Sections: Ellipses Video 20: Conic Sections: Hyperbolas Video 21:  Conic Sections: Parabolas Video 22: SOH CAH TOA Video 23: Laws of Sines and Cosines Bonus Section: The Unit Circle/Degrees and Radians Conversions Video 24: Logarithms Bonus:  ACT Z04 Math ACT Answer Sheet Time for 60 minutes ACT Z04 Math Answers


English & Reading- Instructor Ammar Khan

The ACT English exam asks you to answer five passages with a total of 75 problems in 45 minutes: nine minutes per passage. The content of the English test includes punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. Most students have learned this content, but many have not revisited and reviewed it for many years. LGC ACT English tutor Ammar Khan will refresh these concepts as well as provide helpful hints to save time and dispel confusion. The ACT Reading exam asks you to answer four passages with a total of 40 problems in 35 minutes: 8.75 minutes per passage. The content of the Reading test includes four passage types: Prose Fiction/Literary Narrative, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science.  Overall, timing is the number one reason students find the Reading section challenging, and they often cannot finish. LGC ACT Reading tutor Ammar Khan will walk you through the reading comprehension concepts as well as show you how to apply time-saving strategies.  Video 1: Overview of the timing and components of the ACT English test Video 2: Commas and Pronouns Video 3: Subject-Verb Agreement and Verb Tense Video 4: Idioms and Diction Video 5: Fragments and Run-ons Video 6: Conjunctions, FANBOYS, Semicolons, and Colons Video 7: Apostrophes, Parallelism, and Modifiers Video 8: Main Idea, Intent, Organization, and Transitions Video 9: Wordiness, Style, Addition, and Deletion Bonus:  ACT Z04 English ACT Answer Sheet Time for 45 minutes ACT Z04 English Answers Video 1: Overview of the timing and components of the ACT Reading test. Introduction to the types of reading passages. Video 2: Active Reading and Process of Elimination Video 3: Main Idea, Purpose, Structure, and Inference Video 4: Generalization, Timing, and Pacing Video 5: Vocabulary, Context, and Paired Passages Bonus:  ACT Z04 Reading ACT Answer Sheet Time for 35 minutes ACT Z04 Reading Answers

Common App Essay

Common App Essay - Instructor Laura George  

Creating the 650-word Common Application essay, the “personal statement” that will be read by all of the colleges to which you will apply, is a challenge for most high school students. Rather than following the formulaic method of writing inherent in most high school curricula, the Common App essay should be an authentic, personal, and revealing story that brings an individual dimension to a student’s application. Laura has assisted hundreds of students in realizing their unique and extraordinary stories; join her for a high-level course on creating an outstanding essay. Laura George started with one table in a small office in Lincolnshire, Illinois as the sole employee of her company. Since then, she has had the good fortune of assisting hundreds of students, and the success of her methods and passion for empowering students to reach their full potential led to many kind endorsements and referrals and many students matriculating to their best-fit colleges. A graduate of Duke University, Laura began her career working for a woman- and minority-owned advertising agency in Denver, CO. Laura then earned an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management where she focused on entrepreneurship and marketing. While at Kellogg, Laura was selected to serve as a full-time student member of the Admissions Committee for two years. Laura went on to become a Senior Consultant for Inside MBA Admissions where she worked with MBA candidates globally. She also provided individual ACT tutoring and college essay and application consulting services to students in the Chicago area via Get it Write Consulting. Use Laura’s tips and strategies to create and complete an insightful Common Application essay! Video 1: In this general overview of the Common Application essay, Laura describes how the essay can bring life to your application and provide meaningful information about who you are. Video 2: Laura provides brainstorming strategies for your Common Application essay including a description of what the Common Application essay should be and what it should not be. Includes the “Describe Yourself” exercise worksheet. Video 3: Laura discusses creating an “influences” list as you work to brainstorm an authentic story. Includes the “Influences” exercise worksheet. Video 4: Laura shows you how to put your brainstorming exercises together. Includes the “Putting It Together” exercise worksheet. Video 5: Video needs to be trimmed Laura dispels the myth that talking about a situation or trait that made you proud is bragging. Remember, the college admission committee wants to know about you! Video 6:  Laura introduces the Story Ideas exercise as a strategy to describe two different approaches to selecting an essay topic. Includes the “Story Ideas” exercise worksheet. Video 7: Laura discusses common missteps in writing the Common Application essay.  Video 8: The topic of theme is covered. Includes the “Focus on Theme” exercise worksheet. Video 9: Get the ideas flowing and write as much as possible in one sitting. Includes the “Rough Draft” exercise worksheet. Video 10:  Laura shares general tips and common pitfalls when writing the Common Application essay. Video 11: Continuation of common pitfalls when writing the Common Application essay. Video 12: Laura shares more tips to elevate your Common Application essay. Includes the “New Openings” exercise worksheet.

Our results speak for themselves. 

Amazing and painless experience for our daughter. She improved 9 points in the 5 months she was working with her tutors. She enjoyed her time with the tutors, who were very clearly skilled at targeting student areas of need. Worth every penny! She has some impressive merit scholarships on the table now. 



Thank you to the team of people at Laura George Consulting for helping my son to significantly increase his ACT score. A 7-point increase was more than we expected !!!  'Stretch' colleges he would not have gotten into prior to studying with his tutors are now a realistic option!!



Laura George Consulting…hands down the direction to go when looking for college test tutoring! I cannot give enough positive feedback on our overall experience and each and every teacher that worked with both our boys. Most importantly, our boys gained knowledge not only in how to significantly improve their ACT score, but took away other useful tools to put towards their educational journey from each teacher they worked with. Forever thankful for each and every person that assisted us along the way.



Great program! My daughter had an initial score of 1160 and after only 6 sessions with LGC's group......she was able to improve her SAT score to 1300. Absolutely recommend Laura's team to assist with your kiddos.



Highly recommend Laura George Consulting for ACT/SAT prep for your student.  I truly believe that because of the services they provide and assistance our son received - it made a huge impact on his ACT score.



Laura George’s tutors helped my son increase his ACT score 6 points! His tutors understood the strategies to take the tests successfully. For example, he learned how to look at passages in smaller ways to not get overwhelmed with so much reading. You cannot go wrong with Laura George Consulting!



My son used Laura George Consulting to prepare for the ACT exam.  The instructors were terrific with ACT prep as his score increased substantially - 10 points. They were a great team and we were very pleased with the results.  He was accepted into numerous excellent engineering schools and will be attending the University of Illinois Grainger School of Engineering.  We are very grateful! 



Laura George Consulting's team is incredible.  Tutors are top notch.  Our son increased his ACT score by 5 points after working with the team.  Thank you so much for everything.  Could not be happier and HIGHLY recommend.



My daughter has had the opportunity to garner great ACT/ pSAT results under the tutelage of Laura George’s team.  In each of the ACT sections, the instructors were able to hone in on her areas of improvement and tackle the strategies for better results in a very short period of time.  The results speak for themselves - an ACT of 35.  Yes, my daughter worked hard but the Laura George team knew how and what to teach her and what motivated a high achiever.  She is now a junior.  Her index score will certainly qualify her for the national merit semifinalist cut off.  Thank you, LG team!



Their test prep services are phenomenal. All the people are very helpful and are able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be worked on. I was able to bring my ACT from a high score in the 20’s to the mid 30’s. Overall a great experience, would recommend.






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